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Meet Greer

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Former Dancer Royal NZ Ballet

Born in Dunedin, Greer Robertson studied on Scholarship at “The National School of Ballet” now the “NZ School of Dance” where she uniquely graduated both as a dancer and teacher. Her career flourished as a dancer with the “Royal NZ Ballet” and as a teacher, worked alongside Joan Irvine and later on Russell Kerr QSM at “Southern Ballet and Dance Theatre” as Senior School Tutor and Ballet Mistress to the fulltime company. Greer produced and mentored many nationally and internationally acclaimed dancers before founding her own studios DanceWorld based in Christchurch.

Greer has taught dancers from a variety of genres and singers and actors for all kinds of shows. She has devised specialized flexibility training for elite athletes, dance courses for N.A.S.D.A and Canterbury Opera Youth, along with choreographing over a dozen operas. With her events organization, Greer has choreographed and directed many high profile events - such as the Netball World Cup Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the Youth Variety Concert for Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. Following extensive travel, working and teaching on a luxury cruise liner and her recent arrival in Wellington, Greer continues to enjoy working as a dance and fitness teacher, reviewer, freelance tutor and adjudicator.

Body Mechanics

The fun way to get in shape

The BODY MECHANICS exercise programme is based on techniques developed for and used by dancers for hundreds of years. It’s different from regular exercise programmes because it’s based on elongating rather than contracting muscles, improving flexibility as well as strength.

BODY MECHANICS can work for you whether you’re an elite athlete, a dancer, a weekend warrior on the sports field or just want to feel healthier, happier and more at one with your body.

  • Improves circulation, balance and co-ordination
  • Improves postural awareness
  • Increases flexibility
  • Creates a greater range of motion
  • Improves strength and performance
  • Relieves stress
  • Promotes greater health and wellbeing


Tune up your technique

The advanced BALLET classes offer a balletic workout to keep the body in tune and maintain your skills. They’re a great option if you’re a resting professional, a freelance dancer, or aspire to be a professional. Not for the faint hearted!

BALLET FOR WOMEN - Gain the beauty, grace, charm and elegance that are the hallmarks of this centuries-old tradition.

BALLET FOR MEN - Gain the creativity, the physical prowess and technique to be the dancer you’ve always wanted to be.

BOOT CAMP BALLET STYLE - Transform yourself! A fast paced, fantastic fun workout, specifically designed to target and tone all over. Feel the burn to get those lovely, long, lean limbs of a dancer. Non Dancers and Dancers welcome.

BALLET BASICS - Back to basic Ballet technique without the frills. Master that move, rekindle your dance desire from time gone by or ignite your passion to learn Ballet. Beginners welcome.

Don't settle for average, learn how to be great!

Dance Dynamics

Dance your way to fitness

The DANCE DYNAMICS programme puts your dance skills on the fast track. Dance Dynamics provides expert professional tuition using a revolutionary formula specifically designed to achieve dance skills quickly. It’s ideal for gymnasts, trapeze artists, aerobics and pole fitness performers, models, actors - even synchronised swimmers! It’s never too late to learn to dance - adult beginners welcome.

DANCE DYNAMICS will help you become stronger and more technically in tune with the capability of your body.

Remember, from discipline comes freedom - the freedom to look fabulous with greater postural awareness and dynamic drive.

Corporate Wellness

Feel good at work

The CORPORATE WELLNESS programme takes just 30 minutes once a week away from the pressures of work, and you and your colleagues will feel the benefits - to both body and mind. It’s fun! It feels great and you won’t work up a sweat. It’s an easy addition to the working week.

CORPORATE WELLNESS can help you build a more productive, creative work force by giving your team a new tool to manage stress, improve posture, tackle and prevent repetitive injuries and increase energy and drive.

Committing to a regular Corporate Wellness Programme with Body Mechanics will help you get the best out of yourself and your colleagues for the good of your organisation.

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